Conte Suhok “JK” has no weaknesses, but hopes to share points from Anfield

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte, speaking at a press conference ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Liverpool (May 7), hailed rival manager Jurgen Klopp for having little weakness. but believes his strength is good enough to cause problems for the locals.

Spurs still have a chance to finish 4th for the Champions League ticket, so visit Anfield hoping to have a point in hand. The 52 – year-old believes he can do it because he has defeated leaders Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium 3-2  before.

” As for Jurgen Klopp ‘s weaknesses , I think I can talk about the weaknesses of the opposing team, not the manager , it’s difficult to talk about the individual, ” Conte said.

“ Jurgen has done an amazing job with Liverpool . You need time to build that amazing team, which at the moment is difficult to monitor the problems of that ufabet team. ” 

“ Aim for the weak point , really rare. ” 

“ It’s important to look at the goals step-by-step. We play for the rankings to kick the PSC , while the competitors are chasing the championship. ” 

“ Firstly, let’s get the points on Saturday. Then wait and see what will happen. ” 

“ Just splitting the points is definitely not easy for us. But I believe that it is not a pig game of competitors as well. ” 

Conte ‘s squad story says no one is missing more and hopes to see Son Heung – Min, a good striker, shoot continuously to hunt for the league gold trophies this season.